The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, located in the department of Magdalena, is a perfect destination for trekking and nature lovers. Bunkuany, a backpacking agency, offers an exciting experience for those who wish to explore this impressive mountain.

While trekking in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, adventurers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the lush rainforest, hike along winding trails and enjoy unparalleled panoramic views. The Backpackers agency offers a variety of hiking options, from short one-day treks to long multi-day expeditions.

One of the main attractions in this region is Pico Cristobal Colon, Colombia’s highest mountain, with an altitude of more than 5,700 meters above sea level. Experienced hikers can challenge their skills and conquer this majestic peak.

During the trek, adventurers will also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local indigenous culture. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is home to indigenous communities, such as the Kogui and the Arhuacos, who have inhabited these lands for centuries. Travelers will learn about their traditions, customs and unique ways of life.

The Backpackers agency will take care of all logistical details, such as transportation, lodging and meals. Expert guides will provide information about the local flora and fauna, allowing hikers to understand and appreciate the natural wealth of the region.

In short, trekking in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta through Backpackers is an exciting and enriching experience. Adventurers will have the opportunity to explore breathtaking landscapes, connect with the indigenous culture and challenge their own physical and mental limits. There is no doubt that this trip will be unforgettable and will leave a lasting impression in the hearts of those who venture on this exciting journey.

This is an Opportunity to explore Tayrona park once of the most beautiful places in the Colombian Caribean explore the best snorkel of the country and have a relaxed day them go to the unexplored of Colombia a new lost city called bunkuany, stay and share with local farmers and indigenous, learn about the culture and lifestyle in La Sierra, Colombia ranks first, in bird sightings and listening, every morning is a concert in La Sierra.
The songs of the birds, the sound of the river that passes through the mountains, the fresh and clean air that you breathe is a perfect environment to start each morning to share with mother nature, we will trek to the indigenous ruins new terraces discovered very recently time, we will be in an area little explored.