The Walled City

Undoubtedly the biggest  tourist attraction of Cartagena de Indias is its old town surrounded by its wall. It includes the neighborhoods of Centro and San Diego. Here you can stroll through its streets and admire its churches, its monasteries and convents, its lively squares, its great variety of colonial buildings and palaces, and its colorful houses with their characteristic balconies with flowers.  

The Clock Tower


One of the great icons of the city. It is the connection point between the walled city and the lively neighborhood of Getsemaní. An impressive construction attached to the wall and topped by a bright yellow tower and its inseparable clock. It was originally called Boca del Puente and was built as the main entrance to the walled city. The lateral arches were used as a chapel and armament room.

We could say that this is the main entrance to the old town. And what an entrance, since as soon as we pass through the door of the tower we find the beautiful Plaza de los Coches. One of the most beautiful in Cartagena. Although I assure you that it has a lot of competition, they are all super nice.

Cathedral of Cartagena de Indias

Visible almost from any part of the historic walled center, the Cathedral of Santa Catalina de Alejandría is considered one of the oldest in America. Ancient and also colorful. Its great dome in salmon and yellow tones is one of the most photogenic of the city. It stands out for the pulpit built in marble and for its high altar of golden wood that is often compared to that of the cathedral of Mexico.

Like many cathedrals, this is a basilica, a church composed of 3 naves or elongated spaces separated by columns in the direction of the altar. It is a masterpiece of the master builder Simon Gonzalez who designed it on the model of some Andalusian basilicas and the Canary Islands. Construction began in 1577, although it was only finished 84 years later after overcoming incredible adversities.

Getsemaní Neighborhood

It is located very close to the city walls and offers a more authentic version of Cartagena de Indias. Here the colorful low houses are mixed with murals of incredible quality and small art stores.

A true open-air museum that is a joy to walk through. The walking tour can begin in the Plaza de la Santísima Trinidad from where some of the most beautiful narrow streets start, such as La Sierpe, San Juan or Calle del Espíritu Santo.