Welcome, intrepid travelers, to the fascinating city of Cartagena! If you’re looking to escape traditional tourist routes and immerse yourself in the authentic essence of this Colombian gem, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take you beyond the usual destinations and show you the Hidden Secrets of Cartagena: Off-the-Beaten-Path Places for Backpackers. From cobblestone streets steeped in history to hidden beaches and clandestine bars, get ready for a unique and unforgettable adventure!

Exploring the Hidden Secrets of Cartagena

Stroll Through the Streets of Getsemaní!

Start your adventure by exploring the vibrant neighborhood of Getsemaní! This charming corner of Cartagena is full of street art, music, and a bohemian atmosphere you won’t want to miss. Take a stroll through its colorful streets and discover the authentic local life!

Discover Natural Beauty at Playa Blanca

Looking for a hidden paradise away from the crowds? Head to Playa Blanca! This pristine beach with crystal-clear waters and white sand will take your breath away. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax under the sun in this Caribbean oasis!

Immerse Yourself in History at the Cemetery of Manga

Are you passionate about history and architecture? Then the Cemetery of Manga is the perfect place for you! This historic cemetery is home to centuries-old graves and impressive mausoleums that tell the stories of Cartagena’s illustrious figures. Explore this fascinating site and immerse yourself in the city’s past!


It’s been an incredible journey exploring the Hidden Secrets of Cartagena: Off-the-Beaten-Path Places for Backpackers! From the art-filled streets of Getsemaní to the serenity of Playa Blanca and the fascinating history of the Cemetery of Manga, Cartagena offers a unique experience for adventurous travelers. So pack your backpack, lace up your explorer shoes, and venture out to discover the true magic of this captivating Colombian city. You won’t regret it!